Red List Active Tourism

The certification is a quality control to guarantee that the highest standards of Active Tourism are being met by the service provider, travel operator or institution.
The Active Tourism Certification guarantees that if a Tourist wants to participate in Active Tourism, he does get the quality and service he is looking for. It helps to avoid that a travel operator can fool the tourist by false advertisement. The certification ensures that Active Tourism is not only a promise, but is reality.

An institution that claims to provide Active Tourism but fails to comply with the requisites and international standards is published in this Red list. This Red List punishes institutions that continue to do greenwashing despite previous written warning by the Active Tourism International Organization.
We aim to provide all possible information for helping the responsible active tourist to make the right decision.




Following Travel Operators
do not comply with the high standards of Active Tourism:

  • Afortunately, at the moment, infridgements of the principles of active tourism by several travel operators have been corrected. Other cases are still under investigation.

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