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The tours we offer are high quality and specially designed to match the espectations of an active tourist. Find the optimal tour for you! The tours are given in spanish and english by expert people and motivated students... for sure, a local friend that will take you around!

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    Tag Tlaquepaque Tour
    Tag Chapala Lake Tour
    Tag Tequila Tour
    Tag Ultimate bike Tour
    Tag Guadalajara shopping
    Tag The Guadalajara Zoo, fun for kids
    Tag Guadalajara social reality
    Tag Discover Biodiversity
    Tag Mexican cooking
    Tag Salsa + Merengue dancing

    Tag Ticket service and reservations: tickets to local football matches, ballet folclorico, theater and concerts, bullfights, boxing, Expo Guadalajara, and more...
    Tag Hotel room reservation: For Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo and other cities.
    Tag Car rental and national bus tickets: We recomend you the bests agencies and book for you.
    Tag Safe storage of luggage: You want to make a short trip? No problem, we take care of your luggage (1$ per day).
    Tag Recomendation list of doctors and medical facilities in Guadalajara. Selected consular services for major countries.
    Tag Shop & Souvenirs: In our main office you can buy postal cards and stamps, telephone cards and souvenirs of Guadalajara. We offer also art pieces and paintings of selected local artists.



If exclusivity is what you search, Tiessen Active Tourism also offers you the right choice. You have the opportunity to spend your precious vacations in best houses in the most marvellous places of México and the pacific coast. Would you like a rustical house powered by solar energy, away from civilisation in the middle of the jungle, in front of a private beach with an excellent sunset view to the pacific? Or a comfortable ocean villa with a splendid swiming pool, including tennis and golf playing facilities?
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We offer you the Active Tourism you are looking for in México.

The best investment for your money and for your valuable time is to spend it in the most enjoyable form in your vacations. Material objects can be lost and be replaced, but your personal experience lasts for a lifetime. Active tourism is an unique experience you will not forget.

Pedro Fernandez Somellera's original stories about his travelling adventures around México.

Entretenium offers organisation service and expertise in social and cultural events in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
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