Welcome to the official website of Active Tourism. You will find information and details about the philosophy of Active Tourism. Concept, guidelines and the official international certification of Active Tourism. Turistic services provided by Tiessen Active Tourism in Guadalajara, México and also links to travel operators worldwide.

offers you a new dimension to your
travelling experiences.



You want to get in close contact with our culture. You are willing to protect the environment, to take public transportation, taste local food and listen to tipical music. You are willing to walk, to run, to ride, to dive, climb and swim. You are willing to take risks... no risk, no fun! You prefer authencity rather than artificial luxus. You want to learn, enjoy and at the same time want to help. You want good quality at a reasonable price. You want to be active?
Then try Active Tourism!




Tag Active

The tourist has to participate actively in the process of visiting. He is willing to run, ride, climb, swim, and jump. He wants to have fun and to enjoy.

Tag Social

The tourist respects the culture and local traditions. He is not coming to spread his own culture but he wants to learn from the foreign culture.

Tag Ecological

The tourist admires and values biodiversity and actively protects the environment. The best protection to nature is to use it wisely and in a sustainable way.



The best investment for your money and for your valuable time is to spend it in the most enjoyable form in your vacations. Material objects can be lost and be replaced, but your personal experience lasts for a lifetime. Active tourism is an unique experience you will not forget.

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